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ISBN 978-1-4461-5350-9
Kindle edition
Published by Blue Lily Press
August 2012


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 The new paranormal thriller 
 from SC Skillman
pub Matador Nov 2015
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A Passionate Spirit
"Zoe ran through the wood in gathering dusk, her heart racing. She clutched the child's hand, which kept slipping out of hers. Sweat drenched her blouse, sticking it to her jacket, despite the dank chill in the air. They pounded along a narrow bramble-choked path. Zoe winced and the child sobbed, as spiky stems tore at their clothes and flesh, drawing blood."

It's a dream come true for 25 year old Zoe when she and her new husband, unconventional priest Theo, move to the Cotswolds. But fearsome dreams about a young girl running for her life disturb Zoe and she
can't shake off the idea that a child's life is in danger...
and so is hers.

When two unexpected guests arrive, Zoe can't abandon her feelings of unease, and a series of disturbing events unfold.

Completely unprepared for the terror she is about to face, Zoe will need more than the loyalty and strength of her friends to survive the frightening paranormal forces that are unleashed against her...
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